Product People – Victoria Butt

Product People in the News with Victoria Butt, Founder & Executive Search Consultant at Parity Consulting.

Thirteen years ago, Victoria Butt read a job spec and didn't believe that a person existed who could do everything it called for. Her curiosity led her to go out and find these multi-faceted, multi-skilled unicorns we call product managers.

She found that when she met these product people, they left her feeling energised as well – she was fascinated by them, and she was struck by how unique every product role and every product person was. She was learning more and more from her own interactions with these product people, and solving her clients' problems by bringing them the right unicorn.

Thirteen years later, the same thing still drives her every single day.

Victoria sat down with APP Membership Director Donna South to talk about unicorns, product salaries, and what the future holds for product management.

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