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Assess your skills against industry benchmarks. Find a new mentor. Advance the profession through active participation.
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How will I benefit from becoming a member?

A Fulfilling Career in Product

Career fulfillment means many different things to different people. It may mean working on solving interesting problems, working for your dream company, an opportunity to work in a specific industry or country. It can also mean titles, promotions, or money.

What fulfils someone changes as they move through their career. People’s “why” changes.

But, the way to achieve a fulfilling career – no matter how you define that today – is the same. Put yourself in the best position possible through demonstrable skills, deliver outcomes that impact your organisation, and build your influence so that you are wanted for whatever role you yearn for next.

Take your career fulfilment seriously.

The Association of Product Professionals is here to help you advance your career.

How can I use my membership to advance my career?

Understand how to advance your career

It isn’t the mastery of technical skills alone that gives you the freedom to land the role that most fulfills you. Technical skills required, but, they are the ‘table stakes’. Learn how to develop the influence that allows you to deliver impactful results in your organisation.

Set your next career goal

Manage your career the same way you do the products that you lead. Be clear about the next step you want to take in your career.

Take the APP Assessment

Our Assessment is designed to tell you where you are in your product proficiency today. Your results will benchmark you against product management competency levels and will give you insight into how developed your technical capabitilies and your adaptive abilities to influence really are.

Use the Product Hub to find where to go to fill your gaps​

Get access to a library of vetted content and tools, curated from industry thought-leaders around the globe, organised by the technical and adaptive skills in the product management domain.

Give back by
mentoring others

Give back through our 2-Way Mentorship Program. Help develop, guide and foster the next generation of Product Leaders while flexing your coaching and leadership skills.

Belong. Contribute. Get a Voice.

Being an Association member means more than just direct features and benefits. It also means having a voice and contributing to the profession of Product Management.

Being a member says you are serious about your career. You should constantly be learning. You should have the support of others, helping to ensure your career fulfils you. And you should have an opportunity to give back to the product community.

Benefit by belonging to the industry body for product management.

Become an APP Member Today

Join your Association of Product Professionals and have a chance to represent your industry, have a say and the opportunity to participate in councils that represent causes that matter to you.



Representation and Voice

Membership in the Association

Show that you are serious about your career through an APP membership

Representation and voice

Represent your profession and have a voice on alignment of language, values and practices and how we advance Product Management

A chance to participate in the promotion

A exclusive opportunity to participate in the promotion of the Association

Opportunity to participate in Councils

Advocate, pioneer and shape the direction on topics that matters to you through participating in specific councils.

Opportunity to give-back by Mentoring

Unlimited access to the 2-way Mentorship Program
to give back and help mentor the next generation
of Product Leaders

Immediate Value

APP membership accreditation badge

Accredited badge you can auto add to your LinkedIn Profile that validates your membership

Product Proficiency Framework

Access to the APP Product Proficiency framework so that you can drive your career forward

Skill Matrix

Access to the APP Skill Matrix to understand the skills required in product management domain and their relevancy in different specialised roles

APP Assessment

Access to the APP Assessment to identify both strengths and gaps, along with current suitability for roles and influence scores

Gap analysis recommendations

Unlock a tailored set of recommendations for which gaps to fill and linked, vetted resources to do do

Mentorship Program

Access to apply to the 2-way mentorship program to find the right mentor for you

2x FREE product coaching sessions

Exclusive 1:1 Product Coaching sessions with a top tier Product Coach

Ongoing Value

Curated Content

Unlimited access to library of vetted content, filtered by the 26 Skills in the product management domain

Product Coaches

Exclusive access to a directory of top-tiered Product Coaches

Member-only Events

Exclusive member-only events

Discounted Conferences

Discounted APP affiliated Product Management Conferences

Discounted Training

Discounted APP affiliated training
$395 USD
$795 USD

APP Membership Benefits



Membership in the

Belong to the industry body for Product Management.

Opportunity to Participate
in Association Councils

Advocate, pioneer and shape the direction on causes that matter to you by participating in Association Councils.

Benchmark Your
Product Proficiency

Take the APP Assessment to gain insight on where you stand and what to work on next

2-Way Mentorship

Apply to our 2-Way Mentorship Program to either find a mentor or to give back by mentoring others.


Curated, Organised
Content You Can Trust

Vetted content from around the globe, organised by the technical and adaptive skills in the Product Management domain.

Top-Tier Product

Exclusive access to our directory of industry-leading Product Coaches.