Introducing the Association of Product Professionals

The day has finally come for us to lift the hood on what we've been working on for the past 6 months to 10 years.

Yes, close to 10 years and probably longer if you count how long it has been in the minds of the people who are involved in the Association.

The Association of Product Professionals is the global industry body aiming to advance the product profession. We've brought together leaders, practitioners, educators and people doing product management every day to add their voice in moving the industry forward.

Our mission over the next few weeks is to bring together an even wider group of people from the industry to add their voice on the growth and future of the Association. At our core, we believe that the industry needs some alignment on what is common across our practice. We want to break down the silo's, develop a common language and work towards a shared understanding of “what good looks like” for the profession.

We're evangelising our Product Proficiency Framework and you'll be hearing from our Board Members on our values and specific issues we'll be tackling.

As someone who is a practicing product person, you might wonder how you can get involved, sign-up or become a member. We'll be opening our doors to full membership in due course, but you can pre-register your intention to join by signing up for our beta program.


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