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Rebecca Cooper

Principal Product Manager, SafetyCulture

The Association of Product Professionals is the global industry body
for product people. We represent the people and practices. We will tirelessly work to advance the profession of product management.

Organisations who invested in their teams to join APP

Organisations who invested in their teams to join APP​​

Why Does Product Need an

Today, the problem we see is this: product people, for the most part, know good practice, but, many times are working in organisations that, perhaps unintentionally, prevent them from doing good product work.

Our mission is to solve this organisational problem. We need organisations to believe as deeply in product practice as they do in accounting practice.

Your Path to Product

The APP Product Proficiency Framework identifies 5 distinct levels of career mastery and defines the 26 skills in the product management domain - 20 technical and 6 adaptive.

The APP Assessment identifies strengths and gaps in each skill to determine both leadership maturity level and suitability for different role types. The gaps analyis is directly tied to learning outcomes with recommendations on how to fill those gaps.

What’s Included in the APP

Benefit by belonging to the industry body for product management. Have a voice in best product practices.

Receive an accredited APP membership badge for your LinkedIn profile. Access the APP Assessment to discover where you sit in the Product Proficiency framework.

Develop your skills through vetted content from thought-leaders around the world in the Product Hub. Apply for our two-way mentorship program.

Our Mission



Align industry thought-leaders from around the globe on a set of common language and principles. Establish best practices.



Tirelessly promote these best practices until they become accepted by organisations world-wide.



Provide an independent means to benchmark both product individuals and the organisations they work inside.



Advocate for the individuals working in product to their organisations, their governments, and their industry.



Grow the product management industry for the business members that comprise it.

Our Point of View


Why Product Management needs an Industry Body?

“The Product Management landscape has long been fragmented. This means that as a Profession we are unable to deliver a consistent set of activities, practices, tooling and processes to organisations that we claim to support. If we do our job well, Product Management will not be seen or treated as a cost centre, instead it will be thought of as the growth engine in every organisation.”


Adrienne Tan

Board Member, Association of Product Professionals
Co-Founder and CEO of Brainmates


Why now is the right time?

“It’s time. As we grow as a profession the time couldn’t be better for the world to rally around standards of excellence for product management. It’s time for the professionalization of product management. Join us!”


Steven Haines

Board Member, Association of Product Professionals
Founder and CEO of Sequent Learning

Why become a member?

“Despite the many flavors of product manager, we’re clearer than ever before understanding the skills and experience you must acquire to advance your career. Built upon the hard-won, real-world expertise of top product leaders and practitioners, a membership with the Association of Product Professionals will provide you clarity on your strengths and where you must grow to be successful, and access to tools to help product managers everywhere be their very best.”


Ken Sandy

Board Chairperson, Association of Product Professionals
Author, The Influential Product Manager

What we stand for?

“As product managers, we change the world through our products. To create a world that works for all, we need diversity in product management. If we want to see this change in the industry, we need to lead by example and first start with creating an inclusive leadership team at the Association of Product Professionals.”


Radhika Dutt

Board Member, Association of Product Professionals
Co-founder of the Radical Product Thinking movement

What will we do?

“We will work to align the industry thought-leaders from around the globe to establish some best practices for product. Then we will tireless promote those best practices until they are globally accepted by at the organisational-level so that product people are empowered to do good product work.


Kent Weathers

Director, Association of Product Professionals

What does success look like?

“Product management is more than a job, for some it's a calling. If we are succesful as an Association we will see more find that calling too. We will see greater advocacy at the top. More product-friendly companies where practices like product discovery aren’t seen as optional. Greater clarity and alignment on the role globally.”


Anthony Murphy

Director, Association of Product Professionals

What We Are Not


Not Just “Another Voice”

APP is an inclusive association for product people. We exist to consider all view points while we work to align industry thought-leaders to codify best practices that organisations will accept so that product people are empowered to do good product work.


Not Beholden to Methodology

APP exists to offer a neutral way to assess both product individuals and organisations against product best practices. We will be the global industry body that organisations trust as a voice of authority. We aren’t beholden to a training methodology.


Not a Training Organisation

APP is not a training provider. There are many great training organistions that serve that need. Our assessment identifies gaps and directly ties them to learning outcomes. We then recommend the right existing training resource to fill those gaps.

Become an APP Member Today

Join your Association of Product Professionals and have a chance to represent your industry, have a say and the opportunity to participate in councils that represent causes that matter to you.



Representation and Voice

Membership in the Association

Show that you are serious about your career through an APP membership


Representation and voice

Represent your profession and have a voice on alignment of language, values and practices and how we advance Product Management


A chance to participate in the promotion

A exclusive opportunity to participate in the promotion of the Association


Opportunity to participate in Councils

Advocate, pioneer and shape the direction on topics that matters to you through participating in specific councils.


Opportunity to give-back by Mentoring

Unlimited access to the 2-way Mentorship Program
to give back and help mentor the next generation
of Product Leaders


Immediate Value

APP membership accreditation badge

Accredited badge you can auto add to your LinkedIn Profile that validates your membership


Product Proficiency Framework

Access to the APP Product Proficiency framework so that you can drive your career forward


Skill Matrix

Access to the APP Skill Matrix to understand the skills required in product management domain and their relevency in different specialised roles


APP Assessment

Access to the APP Assessment to identify both strengths and gaps, along with current suitability for roles and influence scores


Gap analysis recommendations

Unlock a tailored set of recommendations for which gaps to fill and linked, vetted resources to do so


Mentorship Program

Access to apply to the 2-way mentorship program to find the right mentor for you


2x FREE product coaching sessions

Exclusive 1:1 Product Coaching sessions with a top tier Product Coach


Ongoing Value

Curated Content

Unlimited access to library of vetted content, filtered by the 26 Skills in the product management domain


Product Coaches

Exclusive access to a directory of top-tiered Product Coaches


Member-only Events

Exclusive member-only events


Discounted Conferences

Discounted APP affiliated Product Managment Conferences


Discounted Training

Discounted APP affiliated training
$395 USD
$795 USD