The Association of Product
Professionals has Closed

In 2019 Adrienne Tan and Nick Coster decided that it was finally time to bring together a profession that was confusing and ill-defined to the outside world. A place where we could collectively forge a true and practical definition of what it meant to be a Product Professional.

With this decision we kicked off the planning process to bring together our Professional Product friends that we had met in our travels with Brainmates, to combine the different perspectives and experiences that they had.

In 2021 the Association of Product Professionals was launched and brought together some truly wonderful Product Professionals, many of whom joined product councils to discuss and debate some of the most pressing challenges that were facing the profession.

Sadly, in 2023, after a period of careful consideration and evaluation, we made the difficult decision to close the doors on the Association of Product Professionals. Despite our collective efforts, we were unable to achieve the critical mass required for the association to become self-sustaining.

Thank you for your support as a Product Professional. We want to express our sincere appreciation for your support of the Association.

Adrienne Tan and Nick Coster

Founders – Association of Product Professionals

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NOTE:If your Product team would like to evaluate their experience and skills as a Product Professional for team capability uplift you can register for the Brainmates Product Management capability assessment here:

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